What was it like, to ride in the 1950's, in gorgeous proportion, that be an American automobile.
When the family sedan could out accelerate a foreign sports car from the traffic lights, ride like a lounge room on wheels, take the whole family on those comfy bench seats, to anywhere you wanted, wrapped in a metal sculpture of Art 'Deco to the Jet Age.
Experience the emotion of a big interior, wrap around windscreen, chrome and stainless steel, the smooth ride, a V8 engine hum, feels like no other engine style.
The old black magic in two Chevrolet's. A black 1956 Bel-Air sedan. V8 automatic, black and white interior, can carry five passengers with ease.(apart from the driver). Several 1956 accessories including; bumper bar extras, drivers spot light, rear wheel carrier ( Continental kit) White side wall tyres. Ease of access, roomy, a magic carpet ride from GM.
A black 1957 Bel-Air, Sport Sedan, A coupe looking car with the convenience of a four door sedan.The era statement of tail fins, side splashes of aluminium. V8 engine, automatic, silver and charcoal interior, windows down, no centre pillar, there is a panorama view. White side wall tyres, original black paint. Room and ride. A GM iconic car.
Take the route, to an optimistic decade. The world you will see from these cars is this one, the 21 Century, yet one is no longer there, for an escape to another place, for a special time, black magic on two lane black top, Chevrolet !
These two classic American cars can deliver a memorable feel, leave their presence forever, the senses, the perception of a motor car has been changed. And, photographs, the black, chrome, white side wall tyres are eternal. Sixty years old, still can make a statement, still can pace it out on any road.